Light Up Your Legs

I’m definitely a fan of hi-viz garb.  (Hmm…do hi-viz cargo shorts exist? Answer: Yes, but they look cumbersome).  It seems pretty well known that hi-viz works, especially when worn on the lower body.  That allows drivers to detect “biomotion” which intuitively identifies us as cyclists / bike riders / people-on-bikes.

So what do you think about these reflective leggings?  I do wear leggings when riding in the chill, under cargo shorts of course.  “Style maven” doesn’t really come up in many conversations around here.  But most of the time it’s too warm, in Texas, for leggings.  Here’s a solution for lighting up your legs without covering them up:

Wrist/Ankle Bands

I bought a set of four from Amazon for around $12.  One stays in the saddle bag, one on a backpack, and a couple in the bike-stuff-staging area in the garage along with sunglasses, hats, gloves, helmets, etc.  They definitely improve night time visibility and are:

  • Inexpensive
  • No batteries/recharging needed
  • Extremely light to carry
  • One size fits all

By the way, if you don’t have a decent headlight be sure to take at Light and Motion’s Urban lineup.  I reviewed the 350 a while back and their products have only gotten better and brighter.


Beta Bicycling Pants

Black-BTW-Britches_Specs1Obviously, I’m not big on spendy, activity specific clothing.  That said, Betabrand has some interesting takes on active (and inactive) clothing.  Those Dress Pant Sweatpants look pretty tempting.

For bike pants, there are some interesting features included in their Bike to Work Britches, including U-lock loop, reflective cuffs, carabiner loops, “crack coverage” and more.  (Note: Ladies version here)

They even have a couple of styles of cargo pants, too bad there’s not a sweatpant version.

The bike pants are usually $108, but 20% off as of this post. In spite of the skinny models, they do have my size (i.e. “husky).