Riding Like a Bird

“Beware of any endeavor that requires new clothes” – Thoreau

You’ve undoubtedly heard of MAMILs.  Just in case, MAMIL stands for “Middle Aged Men in Lycra”.  Personally, I’m more of a Middle Aged Man in Cargo Pants kind of guy.  But MAMICP just doesn’t trip off the tongue.

And why, pray tell, isn’t there a female version of the acronym?  One proposal I like is WILMA!  That said, both MAMIL and WILMA are all about Lycra.

Do you really need Lycra?:

First off,  something you won’t read often in the specialist bike media. You can ride a bike without any special clothing at all. None. Not a stitch. Yes, it’s true: you can ride a bike without Lycra shorts, special shoes, tight-fitting jerseys or even gloves with holes in the back. (In fact the World Naked Bike Rides held in various cities show you can ride without clothes at all, but you’ll get a bit chilly if you try that every day in the UK.)

Not to mention: “MAMIL TOE“!

So CPC’d like to propose a new acronym.  MAMICP won’t do of course, it can’t be gender specific.  I kind of like MARCIAN (Middle Aged Rider in Anything Normal), but the “MA” part has to go too.

How about BIRDs – “Bicyclists In Regular Duds”?  OK, it’s not awesome, but it’s a start and being a bird sounds like more fun than a mammal, amirite?

Or maybe RINGs – “Rider In Normal Gear”.

All we CPC’ers need is a cool nickname, some great street duds or general athletic wear, and we can all avoid Jennie Price’s just a slippery slope 🙂

Photo: BeenThereBikeTours

After all, what fixie-riding hipster ever wore Lycra?